UX is Critical to Customer Relationships

Why User Experience Is Critical To Customer Relationships

Cynthia Zimber comments on Brian Solis‘ article in Fast Company.

TecEd likes this article in Fast Company as it gets to the heart and soul of what our business is dedicated to: the user experience! Creating a great user experience is an art and science. The flashiest ad, mobile app, or product is only as good as the experience the actual user has with it, and Brian outlines this critical point quite nicely, here is an excerpt:

User experience is a priority that should, in some way, find a home within the design of any new-media strategy.

With the explosion of social media and smart devices, customers are becoming incredibly sophisticated, elusive, and empowered. As a result, the dynamics that govern the relationship between brands and customers is evolving.

But even in this era of engagement and “two-way” conversations, the reality is that the relationship businesses hope to have with customers through these new devices, applications, or networks and their true state are not one in the same. In fact, it is woefully one-sided, and usually not to the advantage of customers, which for all intents and purposes still affects businesses.

Rather than examine the role new technologies and platforms can play in improving customer relationships and experiences, many businesses invest in “attendance” strategies where a brand is present in both trendy and established channels, but not defining meaningful experiences or outcomes. Simply stated, businesses are underestimating the significance of customer experiences.

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TecEd’s Vice President of Business Development, Cynthia Zimber, has more than thirty years of experience in Fortune 1000 technology and software channel sales management, as well as marketing and business development for both established and startup companies.