UX in the News: Encouraging Web Accessibility Design

ADA curbed sidewalk with open ramps for street access

Accessibility is not just about curb ramps

Importance of Web Accessibility

Collected here are the highlights from TecEd’s monthly post of can’t-miss UX news from the business press. This month our articles showcase the importance of web accessibility design.

In the work we do, the goal of designing a website or software for web accessibility is to enable all users, regardless of impairment or disability, to access and use it. Web accessibility and usability complement each other, however most current websites do not address both of these critical components.

 Wall Street Journal: Accessibility Claims Expected Over Websites

A new crop of web “accessibility” lawsuits allege that commercial websites fail to comply with federal disabled-access law. Advocates for the disabled are fighting to apply the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act to e-commerce and mobile apps. Doing so would require small online retailers—and other commercial websites—to add captions and transcriptions of multimedia content on the site, provide spoken descriptions of photos, and offer options to navigate online pages without the use of a mouse.

Keyboard with braille and world globe

Web accessibility means access for everyone

Communication technology opens ‘doors’ for everyone, not only people with disabilities

Today, most Americans overlook improvements made since the dawn of the Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”) in 1990. Sidewalk ramps…automatic door openers…adjustable vanity mirrors…and automatic lighting and fixture controls were all designed to help make the “physical” world more accessible for and useable by all people, including individuals with disabilities. Now, isn’t it time we opened doors to the “virtual” world, from web accessibility to other information and communication technology (“ICT”)?


Fierce Government IT: DOL Website Educates Employers on Accessibility

The article provides background on the recently launched web portal dedicated to helping employers  better adopt technology that people with a range of disabilities can use. The website was recently launched by the US Labor Department.  Features of the site include an action guide for employers, informational articles and a link to join discussions on given topics all with the intention of making accessible tech and web accessibility a part of everyday business.

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Want to learn more about this important topic?  See a TecEd blog post authored by our web accessibility expert entitled “3 Questions about Web Accessibility” for accessibility guidelines.  To learn how we can ensure that both web accessibility and usability shine with your website or digital application, contact us for an accessibility and usability evaluation!

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