Innovation and UX: World Usability Day 2015

world usability day

Celebrating World Usability Day

Thursday November 12 is World Usability Day, where will you be?   To celebrate the tenth year of this global event there are activities scheduled all over the world – 81 events  in 31 countries, from Sophia Antipolis, France,  Tallin, Estonia to Canberra, Australia and East Lansing, Michigan.

As the World Usability Day Organization shares:   “During the last 10 years, over 25,000 people have been a part of our initiative to share the important message that people matter, that technology should help people improve and enjoy their lives.  We are celebrating 10 years of sharing the message that the user experience is a key to making technology work better for people. Innovation also means revolution: 2015 is the year to grow our usability revolution by bringing our message to the general public.”

2015 Theme: Innovation

“Innovation can mean different things to different people but most can agree it includes inventions and changes in products and services that improve a situation or solve a problem in a new way.  Innovation in User Experience means that people can do what they need and want to, with technology, products and services that enhance their experience.”

TecEd will be participating in Michigan State University’s World Usability Day event sponsored by UARC–Usability/ Accessibility Research and Consulting.  If  you are local we hope to see you there learning and talking about innovation!

Who’s Talking About Usability and Innovation

For now, let’s take a tour around the world to see how some are considering usability and innovation, from the US addressing smart card innovation and cybersecurity to Hungary’s Innovation Club to a smart E-kitchen in Italy!

2015 Cybersecurity Innovation Summit in Washington, D.C.

Photo of smart card with chip

Is a smart card relevant in a mobile world?

A successful cybersecurity system not only protects a user’s information — it also improves the user’s experience, a group of information security experts said at a cybersecurity summit recently.  Donna Dodson, the chief cybersecurity adviser for the National Institute of Standards and Technology, explained that using of personal identification verification cards — a security solution her agency helped develop — is a solid start for access management. But she questioned how relevant a smart card would be for a workforce that increasingly accesses sensitive information on mobile devices.

“How well does that work in our daily mobile world? How well does that work with Apple iPads and mobile phones and those kinds of capabilities? What kinds of user experience are happening out there?” said Dodson, speaking as part of a panel at the 2015 Cybersecurity Innovation Summit in Washington, D.C.

Innovation Club Addressing Usability in Hungary

Earlier this year, over 50 professionals, executives, experts and students have joined the Innovation Club in Sigma Technology Hungary’s office and contributed to lively group discussions on usability, interaction design, lean processes & project management.

“Business goals, technological capabilities, fancy features — everything is quite important when creating a new product or solution, but in the end the users are those who matter. The user is the only person who really knows what is convenient and user-friendly. And we are here to find it out. UX expertise is the user’s best friend, whose first goal is to make sure the product meets the main requirements defining user-centered design.”

 Innovative Smart E-Kitchen

Photo of kitchen counter with electronics

The usable smart kitchen is the future

This paper presents the design of an innovative smart kitchen. The paper presents the design, the implementation and the evaluation of an innovative smart kitchen called E-Kitchen where the technology is intended to make everyday life easier increasing comfort, energy efficiency, usability and safety. E-Kitchen is a kitchen environment, completely redesigned according to a User-Centered Design approach. It integrates several devices: smart household appliances, devices connected with smart plugs, sensors, lighting systems. A qualitative usability assessment, which involved final users, highlighted that adopted solution is able to enhance the accessibility and usability of the kitchen especially for the elderly.


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About the Author

TecEd’s Vice President of Business Development, Cynthia Zimber, has more than thirty years of experience in Fortune 1000 technology and software channel sales management, as well as marketing and business development for both established and startup companies.