Strategic Usability

Institutionalizing User Experience: A Consulting Challenge

This presentation describes how TecEd partnered with usability “champions” in a Midwestern advertising agency and a Silicon Valley high-tech company to develop blended user experience teams. The process involved education, positioning, communicating the value of findings, and integration into the design and development cycle. Presented at the 2008 Usability Professionals’ Association Conference.

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Not Just a Hammer: When and How to Employ Multiple Methods in Usability Programs

Why should usability programs incorporate many kinds of methodology to influence corporate decision-making? This paper describes what makes successful multiple-method usability programs. It discusses when to apply each method and how to justify usability programs to management. Presented at the 2000 Usability Professionals’ Association Conference.

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A Toolkit for Strategic Usability: Results from Workshops, Panels, and Surveys

Describes the organizational approaches and usability methodologies considered by HCI professionals to increase the strategic impact of usability research. Based on data collected at three conferences. In Human Factors in Computing Systems: CHI 2000 Conference Proceedings.

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