Usability Labs

TE office with logo_gray border_largeFixed Usability Lab

The usability lab at TecEd headquarters in Ann Arbor is fully equipped and wheelchair accessible. The lab is suited for individual sessions and group sessions of up to six people. The lab design is flexible, allowing user testing of software and websites, paper prototypes, documentation, and hand-held devices, as well as sessions with whiteboard activities. The lab can be set up as an office or a cozy room at home. All sessions are digitally recorded.

observer_mediumThe adjoining observation room provides a view of the lab through a one-way window  and comfortably seats up to six people. A large TV monitor shows the interface being tested and the observe room_mediumparticipant’s actions. Wireless Internet enables observers to stay productive between sessions.

Lab Rental

Our lab and observation room is available for rental, along with optional technical and administrative support services.  Contact us or call 734-995-1010 to learn more.

Portable Usability Labs

TecEd’s portable lab equipment transforms any space—conference room, home office, or third-party facility—into a temporary usability lab. All sessions are digitally recorded and can be viewed remotely.

Remote Usability Testing

Remote usability testing is a convenient, cost-effective, and proven alternative to in-person testing. This method enables testing with users wherever they are, with no travel expense or facility rental. The participant works on his or her own computer, connected via Web conferencing to the researcher in a TecEd office. All sessions are digitally recorded and can be viewed remotely.