Innovation and UX: World Usability Day 2015

Celebrating World Usability Day Thursday November 12 is World Usability Day, where will you be?   To celebrate the tenth year of this global event there are activities scheduled all over the world – 81 events  in 31 countries, from Sophia Antipolis, France,  Tallin, Estonia to Canberra, Australia and East Lansing, Michigan. As the World Usability Day Organization shares:   “During the last 10 years, over 25,000 people have been a part of our initiative to ... Read More >

Budgeting for UX? UX ROI Considerations

UX Budgeting Best Practices Whether you are developing a new product or redesigning an existing one, planning and budgeting for UX activities to ensure a good user experience is essential. The product team needs talented UX practitioners, in house or on contract, who can get direct feedback from users starting early in the design cycle. These efforts can make sure that the project investment pays off – that what is launched will help users be successful and ... Read More >

How to Ignite User-Centered Design Thinking: Lessons from the DOE

Ignite User-Centered Design TecEd’s user researcher Wendy Littman previously contracted to the DOE’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy.  Here’s what she learned there about getting agency buy-in for User-Centered Design – the tips she shares can be applied to any organization. Originally published in DigitalGov.  So you’ve done a couple of usability studies, and a few people are starting to “see the light.”  Now you’d like to take it to the ... Read More >

December 2014 Newsletter: User Research Projects

2014 User Research Project Recap Emotional Response Research Moira Dorsey of Forrester has been talking about the “Data-driven Design Revolution” – the data available to businesses today enables them to design for individuals, a more focused approach than designing for audience segments. But designing for individuals means businesses must hit a home run with the emotional factor – people must be emotionally engaged to have a successful experience. How do ... Read More >

The User Experience of Online Payments: UX in the News

As we head into the holiday shopping season, this month’s news roundup post looks at the user experience of online payments and ecommerce platforms. How easy is it to shop online? What are the pros and cons of digital currencies, “mobile wallets,” along with the security implications that come with these disruptive modes of payment?  The following stories highlight the transformation taking place with electronic commerce transactions. Forbes: Could Digital ... Read More >

UX in the News: Encouraging Web Accessibility Design

Importance of Web Accessibility Collected here are the highlights from TecEd’s monthly post of can’t-miss UX news from the business press. This month our articles showcase the importance of web accessibility design. In the work we do, the goal of designing a website or software for web accessibility is to enable all users, regardless of impairment or disability, to access and use it. Web accessibility and usability complement each other, however most ... Read More >

UX Self-Service Design Basics

Self-Service Design Matters “You may not have heard of service design yet, but I’d argue that it’s the most important design sub-specialty in the business world today.   Service designers create intangible experiences: the series of interactions that you have as you book a flight, pay a bill, get a driver’s license, or go to the doctor…service design is critical to customer experience.”  Forrester Research’s Kerry Bodine in her Customer Experience Day ... Read More >

September UX News: The User Experience of Wearables

UX of Wearable Devices There’s been a significant uptick in the launch and use of “wearable devices” over the last few months, especially as Apple introduced its new smart watch.  This month’s news round-up showcases articles that consider the user experience of wearables.  Did the Apple smart watch fall short of expectations?  If so, why?   The fashion industry thinks that Apple takes the wrong approach by  taking traditional tech functions and applying them ... Read More >

August UX News Round-Up: Mobile Usability and the User Expereince

In this month’s UX news round-up, mobile usability is front and center. It’s clear that mobile usability is a business imperative for websites and applications. Getting it right is a challenge for application developers since the data shows that most mobile apps are not embraced, and sadly - often discarded because of a poor user experience.  So what are the secrets to delivering a successful mobile app for consumers or the enterprise?  Read on as we learn ... Read More >

Part 2: The Marriage of UCD and Agile Development – Tips for Success

Picking up where we left off last week, we continue our exploration of how to successfully marry UCD and Agile processes within the same development environment.   The previous post covered the first 3 of 7 Tips for Success which focused on the important role collaboration plays, from building the right team through every phase of a project.  Today we’ll talk about how experimentation, rhythm, focus and quality come into play. Tip 4:  Encourage ... Read More >