Plex Systems User Research for Website Redesign

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Our Client: Plex Systems is the developer of Plex Online, a cloud ERP solution for manufacturers that is widely used in highly regulated, quality-driven industries
Website: is at the heart of the company’s integrated marketing activities and supports sales by generating leads for Plex Online
Challenge: Improve lead quality and increase web conversions and time on site through redesign


  • Validate initial design improvements by exploring how easily users find information pertinent to them and how helpful they say the information is
  • Identify barriers in the contact process by exploring how easily users find contact information and their reactions to the contact form


  • Identify new Plex Systems customers and prospects in diverse industries to participate
  • Interview participants to learn how they research a manufacturing ERP product and what information they need
  • Observe participants using the website to research Plex Online
  • Recommend design refinements to address usability issues

Results of Website Redesign: Q1 2010 – Q1 2011

  • Website conversion rates increased 71%
  • Average time on site increased 45%
  • Plex Systems revenue grew 27% over the previous year
  • Annualized ROI on the project was 269%
Original Plex Systems Contact Us Page
Updated Plex Systems Contact Us Page