ShotSpotter Public Safety Console Redesign

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TecEd redesigned the stationary and mobile interfaces between ShotSpotter’s Gunshot Location System and its public safety end-users, to streamline workflow and improve ease of use.


Our Client: ShotSpotter, Inc. is the leading developer of mission-essential acoustic-surveillance technology

Product: A key system component, the ShotSpotter Public Safety Console (PSC) is the interface between the Gunshot Location System and public safety end-users, delivering critical incident alerts when gunfire is detected

Challenge: Create intuitive user interfaces for the workstation and mobile PSC, to streamline workflow and improve ease of use


  • Better integration with emergency call-taker and dispatcher work environments
  • Scale to multiple user scenarios
  • Satisfy new and existing customers
  • Support sales by “wowing” prospective customers with visual appeal


ShotSpotter Wireframes with annotations








User Experience Model of the User Interface Elements

User Experience Model User Interface Elements


  • Stylesheet details in CSS
  • Visual design of the final product
  • Dynamic logo to match new look and feel of the product

ShotSpotter's new logo after project completion.

Design Solutions

  • One-click or one-key access to incident details
  • Easy-to-read, combined incident detail list
  • Full integration of map and incident list information
  • Map inset that zooms into selected incident’s locale


  • Streamlined, directed incident interaction
  • Simpler interface with more information and functionality
  • More screen real estate for the map
  • Embellished ShotSpotter branding
  • Large alert status screen gives dispatchers at-a-glance information from across a room

UI Before Design Changes

Shotspotter user interface before design changes.







UI After TecEd Design Changes

New user interface after design changes were made.