SupportSoft (now Consona CRM) Update Center

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TecEd developed a UI design specification process for creating an excellent user experience in the SupportSoft Update Center, helping SupportSoft gain a competitive edge in a complex market.


Our Client: SupportSoft is a global provider of software and services that automate the resolution of technology problems.

Product: SupportSoft Update Center for installing all products, product patches, product updates, and apply customizations to a single system.

Challenge: Develop a UI design specification process and a UI foundation for SupportSoft redesigned products.


  • Simplify the user experience without losing flexibility and user control
  • Ensure the ease-of-use of frequent operations
  • Minimize user errors through clear task flows
  • Provide consistent experience based on user research


  • Partnered with cross-functional SupportSoft teams (engineering, marketing, documentation, user experience, and customer support) to investigate and advise on personas and design direction
  • Identified current usability issues
  • Determined technical limitations and prioritized features
  • Reconceptualized the workflow
  • Created wireframes and conducted review sessions with cross-functional teams to verify design direction


  • A successful design with a simplified yet flexible workflow for downloading components from the Update Center.
  • A detailed user interface specification including use cases, content models, and workflows. The specification describes supported tasks, dynamic content, default settings, persistence, interaction, error checking, and confirmation of actions for each screen design in the workflow.
  • An improved working relationship between the user experience team and the cross-functional teams.

An Update Center Wireframe Screen Mockup

An Update Center Wireframe Screen Mockup