How TecEd Helps You Create Successful User Experiences

Creating exceptional user experiences is a requirement, not an option. If you don’t, your customers will go elsewhere.

Here’s how TecEd helps you keep them close.

We Have Top-Notch UX Skills

Our internationally recognized UX experts have worked with clients to deliver successful user experiences for 50 years. We’re familiar with technology from mainframe computers and medical imaging devices in the early days, to e-commerce sites and automotive infotainment systems today.

Our staff includes UX researchers, UI designers, and information architects (all with advanced degrees); participant recruiters; and administrative staff. The project managers guiding our teams help ensure all projects are performed on schedule and within budget with high-quality results.

We Offer Diverse UX Services

Whether you’re defining a new product, creating prototypes, or tweaking an established design, our services can contribute to your product’s success. And because we’re a neutral third party, our project results are free of bias.

  • User research, including ethnographic studies and field research, looks at how users do what they need to do, to learn about their requirements and goals for a product.
  • Usability testing and evaluation watches users perform typical tasks with a prototype or product to uncover areas to improve in the next iteration.
  • Benchmarking measures how well users perform key tasks, sometimes with competing products or designs.

We Partner with You

There’s no “one size fits all” in UX research. The UX service that’s right for you depends on your business goals, the questions you need to answer, and where you are in the design/development process. That’s why we work together with you to define the best research approach.

Let’s start a conversation – call us at 734-995-1010 x704 or fill out the Contact Us form and you’ll hear from us promptly!

What Our Clients Say

Most of TecEd’s projects are “repeat business” from satisfied clients like this one.

“Your research rocks! Thank you for working with us and maintaining rigor in data collection while at the same time adapting and making continuous improvements with the multi-system usability test for us. And thanks to TecEd, the protocol is the least of our worries as we know it is rock solid.”

— Senior Engineer, Multimedia User Experience (UX) Design, Automobile Manufacturer Technical Center.