Usability services are at the core of enhanced UXTecEd provides comprehensive usability services to understand your needs and match them to our user experience services:

UX Services

  • User Research — See users’ natural behavior with a product by visiting them in their homes or workplaces. Or explore their needs, perceptions, and preferences in task-based focus groups or surveys.
  • Usability Testing and Evaluation  Watch individual users perform typical tasks with your product under controlled conditions to see what problems they have. Or let TecEd experts examine your product for usability issues based on industry-standard heuristics and best practices.
  • Mobile Usability – Ensuring that websites and applications perform well on mobile platforms is a business imperative, and TecEd can help.
  • Web Accessibility Evaluation — Find out how well your product meets federal guidelines and international standards for use by people with disabilities.
  • Information Architecture — Explore users’ information needs and your organization’s needs for users to have the right information. Discover how users themselves expect the information to be organized. Then let TecEd design and test a new information architecture.
  • User Interface Design — Learn about your users and their tasks up front, and enlist them in creating initial designs. Then collect their feedback in ongoing design-evaluation-redesign cycles.
  • Content Development — Engage TecEd to create web copy, user assistance, and other communications that enhance the user experience of your product.
  • Training — Learn about user-centered design, usability testing, and other aspects of user experience from TecEd specialists.

Contact TecEd at—we can help match your needs to our comprehensive usability services. We can help you develop a user-centered design strategy, whether it’s a complete end-to-end program or a single user-research or usability evaluation project.