Website Usability Testing

How can website usability help you?

Website usability testing helps you learn what kind of user experience your site offers its visitors. This usability testing can be conducted online, with actual visitors to your website, increasing your confidence in the results.

A great user experience with a website depends on several factors including appealing design, intuitive navigation, and specific content that visitors are seeking. Site visitors must be able to accomplish what they set out to do—whether it’s finding information, placing an order, registering for an event, or downloading material—easily and efficiently.

A great user experience is the goal of most companies and organizations that depend on their websites to serve their members, customers, prospects, and other audiences. However, delivering a great user experience is not something that is easily done without testing the usability of the website with actual users.  The best efforts of product development, marketing, and engineering teams may create a site that works well for them, but they are not the users. Only users can provide invaluable insights into the site’s ease of use, usefulness, and more.

To avoid launching a site that does not meet the needs of its user audiences, it is best to start testing early in the design process — for example, using clickable wireframes to learn about navigation or design mockups for feedback on look and feel as well. This practice enables corrections and improvements before the site is fully coded and deployed, ensuring both cost-effective development and a more enjoyable and successful user experience when the site is launched.

TecEd has performed hundreds of usability testing studies with websites. We can help you learn what kind of user experience your site offers, and then take steps to improve it.