UX Self-Service Design Basics

Self-Service Design Matters “You may not have heard of service design yet, but I’d argue that it’s the most important design sub-specialty in the business world today.   Service designers create intangible experiences: the series of interactions that you have as you book a flight, pay a bill, get a driver’s license, or go to the doctor…service design is critical to customer experience.”  Forrester Research’s Kerry Bodine in her Customer Experience Day ... Read More >

UX News Round-Up February 2014

Investing in User Research Pays Off Here’s our monthly summary of user experience, user research and usability testing news stories published in the previous few weeks. This month’s round-up highlights a study showing that today’s businesses are investing more resources into the customer or user experience.   We’ve also unearthed information about a series of new accessible mobile apps for the Android platform.   Finally, a Forbes article reminds us that ... Read More >

5 Things Product Developers Tell Us About User Research

In today’s environment product development teams are charged with building products—websites, web-based applications, mobile apps, software and devices —that deliver the best customer experience to the market.  These customer experiences increasingly occur on multiple devices, in a wide variety of environments, and with new models of interaction.  Given this common scenario, how can a product team know if the customer experience is consistent across all ... Read More >

A Can’t-Miss UX Resource Spotlights the Customer

Through our various user research projects related to product, application and website development, our passion is to integrate human factors and the voice of the customer in the design to help satisfy customers and keep them coming back. Because of this commitment, when we hear about resources that affirm the priority of customer experience, we stand up and take notice. That’s why we’re sharing news of an insightful book entitled “Customers Included: How to ... Read More >