Automotive In-Vehicle User Experience Testing Tips

Automotive User Experience Testing Considerations User experience research and testing with automotive systems often involves special considerations and challenges that don’t apply with in-lab testing. Here are some things you may need to consider. Off-road or on? Some tasks need to be performed while the participant is actually driving, but many can be performed in a parking lot. If you include on-road testing, you should make sure you have the ... Read More >

July UX News Roundup: Importance of User Research

Importance of User Research This month we travel from Silicon Valley to Africa and Asia to learn that providing a great user experience is a global priority, or should be.  Obtaining insights from users in the early stages of design ensures that, and a great user experience makes for a successful launch.  We know you’ve heard this before - it’s important and bears repeating – so here’s what Entrepreneur, IT Web Africa and Expedia have to say about user ... Read More >

User Insights and UX In the News: May 2014 Must Read Roundup!

Usability Testing in the News The TecEd team is all about user insights because they lead application developers to a deeper understanding of users’ needs and whether those needs are being met. To that end, we regularly come across user insights mentioned in news stories that have appeared in the business press, many times acquired through usability testing.    The stories emphasize that insights from users help developers make informed design decisions ... Read More >