World Usability Day: Inclusion Through User Experience

Inclusion Through User Experience World Usability Day November 9, 2017 World Usability Day will be celebrated with over 70 events in 26 countries - visit to learn if there is an event in your area! The 2017 theme – Inclusion Through User Experience – points to the essence of what the user experience ideally should be, that all who use a product or application are successful doing so. Success is when a user can accomplish ... Read More >

Innovation and UX: World Usability Day 2015

Celebrating World Usability Day Thursday November 12 is World Usability Day, where will you be?   To celebrate the tenth year of this global event there are activities scheduled all over the world – 81 events  in 31 countries, from Sophia Antipolis, France,  Tallin, Estonia to Canberra, Australia and East Lansing, Michigan. As the World Usability Day Organization shares:   “During the last 10 years, over 25,000 people have been a part of our initiative to ... Read More >

UX Self-Service Design Basics

Self-Service Design Matters “You may not have heard of service design yet, but I’d argue that it’s the most important design sub-specialty in the business world today.   Service designers create intangible experiences: the series of interactions that you have as you book a flight, pay a bill, get a driver’s license, or go to the doctor…service design is critical to customer experience.”  Forrester Research’s Kerry Bodine in her Customer Experience Day ... Read More >

September UX News: The User Experience of Wearables

UX of Wearable Devices There’s been a significant uptick in the launch and use of “wearable devices” over the last few months, especially as Apple introduced its new smart watch.  This month’s news round-up showcases articles that consider the user experience of wearables.  Did the Apple smart watch fall short of expectations?  If so, why?   The fashion industry thinks that Apple takes the wrong approach by  taking traditional tech functions and applying them ... Read More >

Part 2: The Marriage of UCD and Agile Development – Tips for Success

Picking up where we left off last week, we continue our exploration of how to successfully marry UCD and Agile processes within the same development environment.   The previous post covered the first 3 of 7 Tips for Success which focused on the important role collaboration plays, from building the right team through every phase of a project.  Today we’ll talk about how experimentation, rhythm, focus and quality come into play. Tip 4:  Encourage ... Read More >

Is the marriage of UCD with an Agile development process possible?

UCD with Agile Development Process is Possible! The Agile methodology has taken the software development world by storm over the last two decades, and with good reason.  The focus on iterative and incremental development, cross-functional teams, and working software over laborious documentation fits well with our need to respond rapidly to an ever-changing technological landscape.  However, the move to Agile has left many product owners, development teams, and ... Read More >

July UX News Roundup: Importance of User Research

Importance of User Research This month we travel from Silicon Valley to Africa and Asia to learn that providing a great user experience is a global priority, or should be.  Obtaining insights from users in the early stages of design ensures that, and a great user experience makes for a successful launch.  We know you’ve heard this before - it’s important and bears repeating – so here’s what Entrepreneur, IT Web Africa and Expedia have to say about user ... Read More >

User Insights and UX In the News: May 2014 Must Read Roundup!

Usability Testing in the News The TecEd team is all about user insights because they lead application developers to a deeper understanding of users’ needs and whether those needs are being met. To that end, we regularly come across user insights mentioned in news stories that have appeared in the business press, many times acquired through usability testing.    The stories emphasize that insights from users help developers make informed design decisions ... Read More >

Institutionalizing User Centered Design at Your Organization

Embrace User-Centered Design Do you remember the first time you looked at your website through the eyes of a customer?  It can be haunting to watch someone struggle to accomplish a critical task, and finally declare they’d give up in frustration.  This is the defining moment when some organizations decide it’s time to embrace user-centered design (UCD) and build a culture that will nourish and sustain it. How to get started: But what’s the best way to go ... Read More >

UX News Round-Up February 2014

Investing in User Research Pays Off Here’s our monthly summary of user experience, user research and usability testing news stories published in the previous few weeks. This month’s round-up highlights a study showing that today’s businesses are investing more resources into the customer or user experience.   We’ve also unearthed information about a series of new accessible mobile apps for the Android platform.   Finally, a Forbes article reminds us that ... Read More >