Getting Started with TecEd

Knowing which research techniques to use is like using jumper cables

Let’s jump start your project together!

Have a thorny design challenge that you’re not sure how to resolve? Uncertain who your target audience really is and what they need?

No matter what your questions, our thoughtful and experienced UX experts will work with you to find answers using our proven, evidence-based approach to user research and design.

Getting started with TecEd is easy:

Step 1: Identify what you want to do.

Knowing which research techniques to use can be confusing.  Use this handy guide to get a better understanding of those we might suggest.

Step 2: Think about how you want us to work with you.

Some clients want us to do the project and keep them apprised of progress. Others want to merge their in-house expertise with our team, working together every step of the way. Still others fall somewhere in between,  Whatever works for you, works for us – we’re flexible!

Step 3: Contact TecEd to discuss your project.

Together we’ll come up with a customized research plan and after we talk, we’ll send you a project proposal that reflects your goals, timeline, and budget.

Step 4: Start your project!

Once we’ve agreed on the project scope, methodology, and budget, we’ll assign a UX team with expertise that matches your needs and kick off the project.

Because we know it’s important to complete projects on time and within budget, the team will include an experienced project manager who serves as your single point of communication with us.

Get in touch today to get started – we’re looking forward to working with you!